FOBTV Session @IBC2012 Announced

To date it has not been possible to take full advantage of the convenience and economies of scale that a single, global broadcast standard might bring but there is hope that a new global initiative has the will and authority to succeed.

Leading world TV organizations have founded the Future of Broadcast Television (FOBTV) to attempt to bring about a unified next-generation broadcast television system. All agree that terrestrial broadcasting is the most spectrum-efficient means for wireless delivery of popular real-time and file-based content. The goal is to produce common requirements for a new terrestrial broadcast standard, applicable to mobile devices and accommodating internet connectivity, Ultra HDTV and new coding schemes like HEVC.

Delegates will hear the views of founding members of the FOBTV on the future of broadcast TV including the economic and social role of broadcasting in the broadband ecosystem, attributes of a 'next generation' terrestrial broadcast system, plus spectrum issues and new technologies on the horizon. Attendees are invited to participate in a concluding interactive Q&A panel discussion.

Some of the most influential organizations in the broadcast world have come together to form the Future of Broadcast TV Initiative, with founding members including ATSC, CBC, CRC , DVB, EBU, ETRI, IEEE-BTS, NAB, NERC-DTV, NHK, PBS , SET and TV Globo, New technical processes and technologies will be debated with reference to the developing standards, and this is a perfect opportunity for attendees to get in on the ground floor of the initiative and help shape the future.

The session will take place 10:00-12:00 on September 11, 2012 at Amsterdam IBC Conference Center bringing together the collective perspectives of experts worldwide. Session will be chaired by Phil Laven, the Chairman of DVB, produced by Yiyan Wu, Principal Research Scientist of Communications Research Centre, Canada and Bill Hayes, Vice President of IEEE Broadcast Technology Society. Five speakers from Screen Digest (Ben Keen, UK), Advanced Television Systems Committee (Mark Richer, ATSC, USA), the European Broadcasting Union(Lieven Vermaele, EBU, EU) and National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television (Wenjun Zhang, NERC-DTV, China)