Technical Committee Meeting Held during IBC2016

Amsterdam, September 11, 2016The FOBTV Technical Committee held its face to face meeting on September 11th in Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Center during the IBC 2016. The meeting was chaired by Yiyan Wu from Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) and Yao Wang from National Engineering Research Center (NERC-DTV), China, with participation by FOBTV TC Members from all around the world.

Presenters gave talks on the latest status of current technologies and standards. Rich Chernock, Chair of ATSC gave an update on ATSC 3.0’s structure and individual standards documents status from the perspective of FOBTV. Peter Siebert, Executive Director, Digital Video Broadcasting Project Office presented the current activities undertaken by DVB including finalization of CI Plus v2.0, All IPTV documents updated to IPv6, «Long Term Vision for DTT» Report has been finalized, and updated status on subtitles, DTT primary transport over DTH satellite link, UHD via DASH, Commercial Requirement for adaptive Bitrate Multicast and UHD phrase 2, updated status on HDR and NGA and some other updated status on IP based transport layer, VR in broadcast and etc. Nakano, Director of broadcasting Group from ARIB, Japan gave the updated Standardization Activities, Updated Standards for UHDTV Digital Satellite Broadcasting System, New Standards & Technical Reports from Sep. 2015 to July 2016 and A Revised Roadmap for Promoting 4K/8K and 8K Test Broadcasting Service using the Broadcast Satellites and V-Low multimedia broadcasting status. Yunfeng Guan, vice president, NERC-DTV, China introduced the updated status of next generation system research and development status on MIMO UHDTV transmission system and SMT Media Transport System. Jae-young Lee, ETRI, Korea presented South Korea Status on next generation standard, ATSC 3.0 Field Test of hardware development, LDM vs TDM comparison test and LDM SHVC field test.

Yiyan Wu and Yao Wang presented some future planning consideration on the Technical Committee development, including R&D on Broadcast and Media Processing Technologies from a Global Perspective, TC’s planning work of technical research and communication and exchange and technologies promotion and development. Some proposed research topics such as Broadcast services in a 5G and beyond environment, Global Emergency Alert System approach, Global Accessible television and media, Convergence of broadcast and broadband and etc. were also raised.