Management Committee Meeting Held during IBC2016

Amsterdam, September 11, 2016,The FOBTV Management Committee held its face to face meeting on September 11th in the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Center during the IBC 2016. The meeting was chaired by Lynn Claudy from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) of United States, with participation from FOBTV MC Members.

MC Chair Lynn Claudy presented the proposed revision suggestions on the FOBTV Memorandum of Understanding from Management Committee members and a good constructive discussion was made on the future direction of FOBTV including emphasis on delivery to mobile and personal devices and combination of television and data and etc. The meeting also required the Management Committee to make a vote on the changes to the MOU after the meeting. Also, Yao Wang from National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television (NERC-DTV) was elected as the Chair from the acting Chair of the Technical Committee.

Founding FOBTV members included on the Management Committee are:

  • Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)
  • Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC)
  • Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC)
  • Digital Video Broadcasting Project (DVB)
  • European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
  • Globo TV-Brazil (TV Globo)
  • IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (IEEE-BTS)
  • National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
  • National Engineering Research Center of Digital TV of China (NERC-DTV)
  • NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories (NHK)
  • Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
  • Brazilian Society of Television Engineers (SET)

FOBTV is a voluntary, non-profit association that is open to any organization that signs the MOU, which underscores the goals of the FOBTV Initiative.