Technical Committee Face to Face Meeting held during NAB2015

Las Vegas, April 16, 2015 – FOBTV Technical Committee held its face to face meeting on April 16th in Las Vegas Convention Center. The meeting was chaired Yiyan Wu, chair of the TC and participated by FOBTV member all around the world.

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Yao Wang, the chief of FOBTV Secretariat presented the previous work of FOBTV including the request for prioritization of 14 inputs. Some comments from the members over the features were also presented on the flexible use of spectrum, robustness, mobile, UHD, hybrid services, high dynamic range, multi-view and multi-screen, enhanced and immersive audio and accessibility, advanced emergency alert, personalization interactivity and advertising and monetization.

Rich Chernock, Chair of ATSC gave an update of ATSC 3.0 from the perspective of FOBTV introduced the probable ATSC 3.0 document structure, physical layer architecture, physical layer working draft status, key features of ATSC 3.0 delivery, video, audio and interactivity and accessibility and advanced emergency alerts and over schedule.

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Peter Siebert, Executive Director, Digital Video Broadcasting Project Office  gave an speech on the current activities undertook by DVB including IPv6 support for IPTV, Hybrid IPTV internet TV content delivery DVB DASH profile, work on companion screen for discovery and synchronization. CI plus 2.0 UHDTV phase 2, New activity on DTT primary transport over DTH links and current activities in CM-T.

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Kenichi Murayama representing Kiyoshi Igarashi, Vice Director General of R&D Headquarters, Association of Radio Industries and Businesses introduced the status of ISDB system in Japan including updated standardization activities and current activities of broadcasting UHDTV and hybridcast,  multimedia broadcasting.

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Yunfeng Guan, CTO of National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television (NERC-DTV) reported the status of Chinese next generation broadcast system development and Shanghai trial status.

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Pablo Angueira from Univ. of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) reported the TC-PHY scope and subgroups including TC-PHY MIMO, CLOUD and RETURN. Intense activity the subgroup members within other consortia. Most members have concentrated their contributions to the process towards the ATSC 3.0 standard. DVB Commercial Committee: Ongoing commercial group focusing on the future of terrestrial. DVB TM-T group delivered a large report on techniques for new generation terrestrial systems: MIMO, LDM, TFS, Advanced Coding, etc. Gerard Faria from Teamcast reported the TC-NTK status and updated SG’s work, Youngkwon Lim reported the updated status of TC-D&M status and updated SG’s work.

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