IBC2013 FOBTV Session

Amsterdam, September 17, 2013 –The FOBTV Session was held on September 17, Forum, RAI Exhibition Center. The session included contributions from some of FOBTV's founding members about their ongoing work on technical innovations for digital terrestrial television. Phil Laven (DVB) chaired the session. Wenjun Zhang (NERC-DTV) gave a speech on the latest status and next planning of FOBTV technical committee. Youngkwon Lim (Samsung) gave an updated development status of ATSC 3.0. Kenichi Murayama (NHK-STRL) introduced the over the air transmission of super high-vision in Japan. Yunfeng Guan (NERC-DTV) made a brief introduction on the research and development of Chinese next generation terrestrial broadcast system. Frank Herrmann (Panasonic) made the presentation on terrestrial broadcasting from DVB-T2 to DVB-NGH and beyond. Heung Mook Kim (ETRI) introduced the latest research and development status in Korea. As a global body, FOBTV is able to benefit from the practical experience gained in such trials as well as from the unrivalled expertise of many individuals around the world. For more detailed information about the above meetings, please log onto FOBTV Workspace for meeting documents.