Future of Broadcast TV Sessions Held During BMSB2013

HONOLULU, July 10-11, 2013 –The TC Leadership f2f meeting was held during 10-11 July in Honolulu, Hawaii. There were heated discussions about the draft versions of Protocol Stack, Layered Model and Layer Group Working Scopes, such as functional interrelationships between layers, division and interpretation of technical modules within layers. A revised working scopes statement as well as a detailed functional block diagram will be delivered to TC after discussions within layer groups. Fundamental technical issues such as 50 Hz and 60 Hz harmonization, the 1000/1001 issue, 6/7/8 MHz RF channels and UHDTV frame rate requirement issues were also discussed during the meeting as these are important topics considering future deployment of the global standard. Management Committee Vice Chair, TC Chairs and layer group chairs attended the meeting, along with guest technical experts.