FoBTV Sessions in NAB2013

LAS VEGAS, April 8, 2013 – The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show 2013 kicked off with around 100, 000 attendees from more than 160 countries. As the world's largest electronic media event, NAB attract approximately 1,600 manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to present their latest products and technologies.

Several FoBTV Sessions were organized during the show. A FoBTV presentation session was held on 7 April during NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference. Mark Richer, Chair of Management Committee (MC), made a speech about the overview of FoBTV. Peter Siebert, Chair of Use Case Ad Hoc Group (UC AHG), introduced FoBTV Use Cases & Scenarios. Wenjun Zhang, Chair of Technical Committee (TC), shared a vision of next generation system for terrestrial broadcasting. Yiyan Wu, Vice Chair of TC, introduced potential technologies for future system.

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FoBTV presentation session
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Mark Richer: Overview of FoBTV
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Peter Siebert: FoBTV Use Cases & Scenarios
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Wenjun Zhang: Vision of Next Generation System for Terrestrial Broadcasting
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Yiyan Wu: Potential Technologies for Future System

FoBTV MC and TC Conferences were held on 11 April. During the MC meeting, Phil Laven and Bob Plummer were elected as the new Chair and Vice Chair of the MC. During the TC meeting, NABA presented its White Paper of Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcasting, ATSC, DVB and ARIB introduced their standardization status, TC-GMEG reported its latest work, four newly formed subgroups (Physical layer, Network layer, Data & Management layer and application layer) discussed their working scope and key areas and the TC also discussed its future working schedule. Representatives of FoBTV members attended these sessions in person or via teleconference and Gotowebinar systems.