FOBTV Session @NAB2013 Announced

After one year’s development of Future of Broadcast Television Initiative (FOBTV), leading world TV organizations have gathered again in Las Vegas to exchange the latest achievement and next step work plan of next-generation broadcast television system. A one-hour FOBTV session titled “The Future of Broadcast TV Initiative Technical Report” will be held during the NAB Show 2013 in Las Vegas.

The session will take place 9:30 am to 10:30 on April 7, 2013 at Las Vegas Convention Center, bringing together the collective perspectives of experts worldwide. FOBTV vice chair Phil Laven, chairman of DVB, will preside over the meeting. This general session will begin with a speech of the overview of this organization given by FOBTV chair and ATSC president, Mark Richer. Peter Siebert, executive director at DVB project office, will then introduce FOBTV use cases & scenarios. FOBTV technical committee chair Wenjun Zhang, Chinese NERC-DTV chief scientist, will give vision of an FOBTV next generation system. Finally FOBTV technical committee vice chair Yiyan Wu, Canadian CRC principal research scientist, will share thoughts over potential technologies for a next generation broadcast system.

FOBTV is a non-profit association founded by ATSC, CBC, CRC , DVB, EBU, ETRI, IEEE-BTS, NAB, NERC-DTV, NHK, PBS , SET and TV Globo. The goals of the FOBTV Initiative include developing future ecosystem models for terrestrial broadcasting taking into account business, regulatory and technical environments; developing requirements for next generation terrestrial broadcast systems; fostering collaboration of digital TV development laboratories; recommending major technologies to be used as the basis for new standards; and requesting standardization of selected technologies by appropriate standards development organizations.

Meeting Info:
The Future of Broadcast TV Initiative Technical Report
Sunday, April 7
9:30 Am - 10:30 Am
Location: S225/226, Las Vegas Convention Center