TRAI: India world’s 3rd largest TV market

The annual report from India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) praises the nation’s subscription TV business, stating that its latest data shows that India is now the world’s third-largest TV market after China and the US.

According to TRAI of some 270 million households (not all TV homes) around 169 million have TV sets connected to either cable or DTH service, or hooked into an IPTV supplier or are viewing public broadcaster Doordarshan’s channels.

TRAI says that DTH has 64.5 million registered subs although only 37.2 million are “active” subscribers. IPTV connections are stated to be around a half-million homes. Cable TV, in terms of ‘active’ subs number 99 million.

Overall the cable and DTH sides of the TV business number 55 pay broadcasters and a massive 60,000 cable operators which use 6000 MSOs, six DTH pay-TV broadcasters.

India has 793 registered TV channels at the end of last year. All 793 are available on satellite TV, of which (at the end of 2013) 33 were in HD.