NERC-DTV participates the CMG 8K UHD channel launch


With the goal of 8K rebroadcasting of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the China Central Radio and Television General Station cooperates with scientific research institutions of enterprises and institutions to actively promote the development of 8K Ultra HD TV. The 8K system has now been completed. Broadcasting and presenting full-link test system, including: 8K studio system, 8K IP dispatching and distribution system, 8K post-production system, 8K broadcast system, 8K AVS3 encoding system, 8K IP TV integrated distribution system, 8K AVS3 set-top box and 8K large screen display system.

On New Year's Eve (February 11), the station will broadcast the Spring Festival Gala through the 8K Ultra HD TV pilot channel, which is the one of the first major event live broadcast on the 8K Ultra HD TV channel.

On February 1, the 8K ultra high definition TV pilot channel was launched. NERC-DTV also announced the opening of the "8K+AI+HIFI" concept living room. The "8K+AI+HIFI" concept living room located in NERC-DTV Shanghai office and it is one of the three access points for the pilot broadcast of the main station's 8K channel in Shanghai.

The "8K+AI+HiFi" concept living room integrates a new generation of audio and video media and artificial intelligence processing technology, facing family living room applications, and is committed to achieving immersive audio and video effects, AI device connection sharing computing power, and beyond the real 6DoF Experience.

The concept living room will be further upgraded in the future media home application scenarios, realizing advanced technical solutions of full format, high sound quality, smart terminal, upgradeability, and wide connection, providing 8K, VR, AR, 6DoF, etc. for future homes various advanced media service experiences with smart home 2.0 solutions.