From Storytelling to Filming: the Birth of 8K120fps Film


In addition to the planning, shooting, editing and post-production that are familiar to the public, the production of a professional promotional film sometimes needs to draw a storyboard script.

Not only does movie shooting need to draw storyboard scripts in advance, short videos such as demo films also need to preview and describe the overall effect before shooting. In just a few minutes, every second needs to be meticulously crafted, and every frame must reflect professionalism and beauty.

NERC-DTV uses hand-painted storyboards to conceive the overall structure of the video before shooting 4K/8K demo films, exchange the feasibility of shooting details, and ensures the complete videos completed successfully.

When shooting the 8K demo film "Ballet and Architecture", we drew more than 60 storyboard scripts to visually display the director's shooting ideas and improve shooting efficiency. Through the comparison between the final film and the storyboard manuscript, it can be found that the scenes and actions can even be restored 1:1, and the dancers' positions and the composition of the shots are clear at a glance. From the hand-painted sub-mirror to the precise reproduction of the finished picture, it embodies the ingenuity of NERC-DTV in the field of ultra high definition audio and video production.