NERC-DTV won the CUVA "UHD Innovative Products and Solutions" Excellence Award


Recently, China Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance announced the 2020 CUVA "UHD Innovative Products and Solutions" winner list, and NERC-DTV’s "8K 120fps Video Content Production" project won the 2020 Excellence Award.

The participating project of NERC-DTV’s "8K 120fps Video Content Production" was jointly completed by NERC-DTV and Shanghai Hisilicon. The proposing stream supports 7680×4320, 120fps, 10 bits, BT.2020 color gamut And HDR and other specifications. This project opens up the high-end value chain of the 8K UHD industry from the content side, and implements the visualization of the full link system of 8K UHD terminals, chips, applications and presentations.

NERC-DTV designed three scenes with the themes of "Ballet", "Baseball", and "Sword ", respectively showing the three advantages of ultra high definition, ultra high frame rate and high dynamic range of 8K 120fps video content. Tuning selection, split-lens design, lighting scheme, editing rhythm and other links are designed to fully conform to the characteristics of 8k high frame rate video. It is a combination of technical demonstration and artistic perception, and it is also the world's first 8K 120fps commercial demonstration film. The project video was exhibited at the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam in September 2019, marking that my country has taken a leading position in high quality 8K technology.