NERC-DTV successfully assisted the releases of Hisilicon and Huawei’s new products


September 2019, NERC-DTV successfully release the first commercial 8K120P test stream for Hisilicon during IBC2019 in Amsterdam. The streams include High Frame Rate featured baseball game clip, the HDR featured sword forging clip and the WCG featured ballet and building clip. The streams are compatible with AVS3 in 8K120P format and demonstrate the 8K end to end system performance.

November 2019, NERC-DTV provided again the 4K high frame rate contents and evaluation services to Huawei for their new Smart Screen V75 release. The Smart Screen demonstration video independently shot and produced by NERC-DTV perfectly and accurately presented Huawei's new generation of V75's new performance and functions in terms of color gamut, dynamic compensation, dual-phone projection, etc.

NERC-DTV provided 4K high frame rate video testing services for Huawei Smart Screen, such as color gamut display contrast, skin color display contrast, MEMC motion compensation, and dual-phone projection. In terms of color gamut display contrast, NERC-DTV uses ultra-high-definition 4K cameras to shoot fruits, cakes, flowers, and birds in different bright colors to highlight the smart screen. The high brightness and wide color gamut show greater image contrast and wider colors. Range, color performance is more rich and full, showing superior display capabilities.

In terms of skin color display contrast, NERC-DTV selected the most representative models for close-up shots of faces, capturing the texture and color close-ups of human skins, providing more picture details and higher contrast between light and dark, highlighting the contrast between smart screens.

In terms of MEMC motion compensation, NERC-DTV shoots different types of moving objects such as cycling, flying birds, aerial photography, subtitles, etc., highlighting the dynamic compensation capabilities of smart screens for problems such as frame loss, smearing, and jitter in low frame rate pictures.