NERC-DTV Successfully Supported HUA WEI SmartScreen Release


On November 25, 4K high frame rate demos produced by NERC-DTV were displayed on the SmartScreen V75 at HUA WEI New Product Launch Conference 2019. These demos accurately demonstrated the new performance and functions of the SmartScreen. This is another success of NERC-DTV following the joint release of the world's first 8K 120P commercial short film with Hisilicon at the International Broadcasting Convention 2019 (IBC 2019).

On the launch conference, the 4K high frame rate demos were displayed about color gamut display, skin color display, MEMC dynamic compensation, as well as dual mobile phone casting and other contents.

On the color gamut display comparation, NERC-DTV shot fruits, cakes, flowers and birds of various colors with 4K UHD camera to show the high brightness and wide color gamut of the SmartScreen.

For the skin color display comparation, NERC-DTV created the close shot video to show the SmartScreen's strong ability of processing, revising and restoring. It uses the most representative way to capture the skin texture and color by setting the dark skin model as the character.

In terms of MEMC dynamic compensation technology, NERC-DTV shot different types of dynamic objects to test out Huawei SmartScreen's more smooth display effect and the dynamic compensation ability.

As to the dual-mobile phone casting display, NERC-DTV produced videos of casting two mobile phones on the Huawei smart screen simultaneously in two modes of landscape and portrait, which demonstrated the convenience of this function .

This successful product launch is the best proof of the professional ability of NERC-DTV 4K/8K UHD team. We will keep supporting the advanced technology development and producing more high-quality content. Looking forward to more cooperation with many partners in the future.