Organizational Structure

TC-Network Layer Group



Yunfeng Guan
CTO, National Engineering Research Center of DTV (NERC-DTV)

Yunfeng Guan received his Ph.D. degree from Zhejiang University in 2003. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of China’s National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television (NERC-DTV) and also an expert member of Chinese National Radio, Film and Television Standardization Technical Committee - Sub-Technical Committee (SAC/TC239/SC2) of Wireless Transmission and Coverage. He mainly engages in the R&D of digital television broadcasting systems and wireless access systems. He is one of the main drafters of the China digital terrestrial television transmission standard GB20600-2006 (DTMB) and other important Chinese national digital television standards. He developed a series of chips of DTMB demodulator, digital satellite television demodulator compatible with Chinese ABS-S, HD-Decoder SoC.


Description: Gerard Faria

Gerard Faria
CTO & Co-Founder of TeamCast, Inc.

Gerard Faria is CTO & Co-Founder of TEAMCAST (France). Since 1990, he is involved on the Broadcast sector, contributed to major European Collaborative Research projects, participated actively to the elaboration of various DVB standards (T, H, SH, T2, NGH) and represented TeamCast in International conferences & Forums.
Gerard FARIA is currently Vice-President of the competitiveness cluster “Images & Réseaux”, Programme Committee member of the National Research Agency (ANR), Scientific Council member of the European University of Brittany (UEB), Steering Board member of the “Université de Rennes” (UR1), DVB Steering Board member and the TeamCast representative at the Asiatic Broadcast Union (ABU) and at the Future of Broadcast TV (FOBTV) initiative.