Organizational Structure


The duties of Secretariat include maintaining and updating the FOBTV web site, coordinating voice/video conference support for FOBTV meetings, maintaining document archives and drafting minutes for the Management Committee and Technical Committee meetings.


Yao Wang
Vice President, National Engineering Research Center of DTV (NERC-DTV)

Yao Wang is the Vice President of Chinese National Engineering Research Center of DTV (NERC-DTV). He was the Assistant President of key DTMB standard drafter and fabless company Shanghai HD Digital Technology Industry Co., Ltd. and Director of China Digital Film Industry Alliance.
He is an expert in designing business model, technical system and analyzing development trends of Chinese DTV. He participated in many national projects of DTV, HDTV, terrestrial broadcasting, and industrial engineering. He was involved in the designing of Solution to Business System of DTV Terrestrial Broadcasting Standard, Middleware Software Standard of DTV, etc. in China.
He received his Master and Bachelor degree of Communication and Information System in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and is currently studying in Shanghai Jiao Tong University for Executive Master of Business Administration degree.




Deputy Secretary-general

Lynn Lin
Director of Cooperation & Communication Dept.,National Engineering Research Center of DTV (NERC-DTV)

Lynn Lin is supervisor of Cooperation&Communication Department of NERC-DTV.  She graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2005, and got Broadcast and Television Directing and International Economic and Trade double bachelor's degrees. 2008, she obtained master's degree in the Film and Television Arts major in Shnaghai Jiaotong University. During the university time, she actively participated in provincial and municipal projects, such as planning and strategy projects of positioning and development of radio and television broadcasting of Manzhouli during the 11th Five-Year planning; IPTV Forum for Asia (Shanghai, China), and Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation project" domestic art films research topics. She organized a number of large-scale marketing activities and international cooperation and exchange projects in NERC-DTV successfully.